Salsa Dance Lessons in Newark NJ



Looking for affordable salsa lessons Newark NJ and salsa classes newark NJ taught by a professional? Join the fun and get in shape for the summer with salsa cardio workouts by Manny. The first class is free.sasla lesson in ironbound nj

Salsa Dance Lessons in Newark NJ

Come and learn how to dance salsa and bachata at Newark’s Ironbound section. An exotic and exciting place, where mature and friendly Newark salsa clubs are always dancing the night away.
Learn salsa steps, merengue, bachata, cumbia and all forms of latin dance. If you are a little shy around new surroundings, take a deep breath and enter. The discovery of a new world is exciting.
Just do it.

Salsa Mambo Newark NJ

salsa lessons newark njLet Manny your salsa instructor show you how it’s done. He teaches all forms of Latin dancing and has one of the best salsa mambo on 2, New York Style. I don’t see many dancers who dance on 2 better than him. There are people who have been dancing for years and they still can’t touch Manny’s style.salsa lessons in newark nj

Salsa group lesson lessons in New Jersey are Monday thru Fridays, 8 p.m to 10 p.m and classes are available on the weekends

You just won’t learn how to move and spin.
He will teach you how to caress her hand and touch her shoulder (that Manny) how to move your chest, shake your shoulders and look sexy.

Salsa Lessons in the Ironbound NJ
bachata lessons in newark njActually, he can teach a woman how to to dance exotically better than many female instructors. If you’re looking for salsa dance lessons in Newark New Jersey, come see us.
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Get the best aerobics workout of your life and see why the world is salsa dancing.
Put on Your Salsa Dancing Shoes

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